Let’s Hear it for the Graduate Students!

Deep South Philosophy and Neuroscience Workgroup

Philosophy and Neuroscience Graduate Student Showcase I

2022 Pacific APA Meeting Vancouver, British Columbia

April 13 & 14

As Mara McGuire once said, “We’re not in the South anymore.”

Patricia Churchland and James Woodward were scheduled to comment, but were unable to attend. Megan Delehanty jumped in at the last minute to substitute. Thanks again, Megan!

All commentary was delivered extemporaneously– neither Lauren nor Megan had read the papers, or seen the presentations in advance.

Presenter Information & Talk Titles:

Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 6:00-8:00 PDT

Session G1B

Room TBA

Nedah Nemati, University of Pittsburgh, History and Philosophy of Science NNN10@pitt.edu  

“What are we ‘reading’ in mindreading? On the ethics and limitations of brain decoding”

Richard Vagnino, University of California, San Diego, Department of Philosophy rvagnino@ucsd.edu

“Leyden jars and magic squares: Analogy use in early electrophysiology”

Spencer Kinsey, Georgia State University, Department of Philosophy skinsey8@student.gsu.edu   

“Vehicle realism and the Hopfieldian revolution in neuroscience”

Thursday, April 14, 8:00-10:00PM PDT [Yes. Really.]

Session G6A

Meeting Room TBA

Jaipreet Mattu, University of Western Ontario Philosophy jaipreetmattu@gmail.com

“Construct validity and the head-twitch response (HTR) as a measure of hallucinogenic activity in mouse models of serotonergic psychedelics”

Andrew Bollhagen, University of California, San Diego, Philosophy abollhag@ucsd.edu

“Explaining activities in molecular motors”

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