Philosophy & Neuroscience at the Gulf IV 2021 Call for Abstracts

 Philosophy and Neuroscience at the Gulf IV 

The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Deep South Philosophy and Neuroscience Workgroup will be held  September 23-25 (Thursday-Saturday), 2021.

The in-person location of this meeting,* held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Alabama Philosophical Society, will be Hilton Pensacola Beach Hotel, Pensacola Beach, FL. 

The themes for this year’s meeting are

  • Philosophy of Neuroscience Varia 
  • History of Philosophy of Neuroscience (in celebration of the thirty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Patricia Churchland’s Neurophilosophy, MIT Press, 1986), and 

The meeting is  Co-organized by John Bickle (Mississippi State University and University of Mississippi Medical Center) and Brian Keeley (Pitzer College).

*At present our plans are to hold as much of this workshop live in person as conditions permit. We realize that different geographical regions, and the universities within them, are re-opening and funding academic travel at different rates, and so plans for Fall 2021 must remain fluid. Even under the best scenarios, some sessions at this Fall’s workshop will be hybrid, with some speakers and participants participating remotely. But in person participation will be strongly encouraged. (Gulf beaches are much less fun virtually than live!) 

Open and download the PDF call for abstracts below.

First Call for Abstracts Philosophy and Neuroscience at the Gulf IV


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