Program! Philosophy & Neuroscience @The Gulf VI

The full program for the sixth annual meeting of the Deep South Philosophy and Neuroscience Workgroup,

Philosophy & Neuroscience

@The Gulf VI

is here (pdf).

September 28 – 30, 2023 

Hilton Pensacola Beach, Pensacola Beach, Florida 

Program Chairs: 

John Bickle, Mississippi State University and University of Mississippi Medical Center

Nedah Nemati, Columbia University

The program for our three (full) day meeting has 14 sessions with 60 presenters. Of those, six are invited keynote talks by neuroscientists, and four are invited keynotes by philosophers.

Keynote Speakers


  • James Bower, retired, formerly CalTech, and UT Health Sciences Center, San Antonio (Session 11)
  • Barbara Finlay, Psychology, Cornell Univ. (Session 7)
  • Paul Frankland, Neuroscience & Mental Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto (Session 3)
  • Darcy Kelley, Biological Sciences, Neurobiology and Behavior, Columbia Univ. (Session 7)
  • A. David Redish, Neuroscience, Univ. of Minnesota Medical School (Session 12)
  • Georg Striedter, Neurobiology and Behavior, UC Irvine (Session 7)

Session 7, Brain Evolution, is sponsored by a generous gift from the Presidential Scholars in Neuroscience and Society Program, Columbia University.


  • Kenneth Aizawa, Philosophy, Rutgers Univ., Newark (Session 11)
  • Carl Gillett, Philosophy, Northern Illinois Univ. (Session 10)
  • Alan Love, Center for Philosophy of Science, and Department of Philosophy, Univ. of Minnesota (Session 8)
  • Thomas Polger, Philosophy, Univ. of Cincinnati (Session 1)

Full program (front matter, Schedule of Talks, Presenters & Abstracts) is here.

Schedule of Talks only is here.

Thanks to generous funding from Columbia University’s Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience Program, 14 graduate students received travel and accommodation support to attend Philosophy & Neuroscience @The Gulf VI.

Deep South Philosophy & Neuroscience @The Gulf VI is sponsored by

Full program (front matter, Schedule of Talks, Presenters & Abstracts) is here.

Schedule of Talks only is here.

I vote we go to the Gulf of Mexico.

How about all y’all?

Check out the Philosophy & Neuroscience @The Gulf VI playlist!

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